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Mobile AppMobile App

The most up-to-date information for NCORE 2023 can be found in the mobile app. Follow instructions below to download and use the app to find sessions, presenters, and more.

  1. Download the app.
    1. On the device you’re bringing to the event, access the App Store or Google Play Store and search for the “Cvent Events” app. Once you’ve found the app, download it.
  2. Search for the event. Return to your device’s home screen and open the app.
    1. Enter the event ID in the search bar: nDWWN NOLA23
  3. Download the event. Tap the icon to download the event. If prompted, enter the event ID and tap Download event.
  4. Enter your info. If you aren’t automatically prompted to log in, tap the Profile tab at the bottom of the screen, then Log in.
  5. Enter your first name, last name, and email address used during conference registration. Then tap the arrow.
  6. Verify your account. You’ll either receive an email and text message containing a verification code or just an email. Read it, then return to the app, enter the code, and tap the arrow. After entering the verification code, you'll be logged in and taken to the event's home page, or back to the Profile tab.


NOTE: Verification codes can only be used once and expire after 24 hours. If you're logging in on multiple devices, you'll receive a new verification code for each.